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Detroit Grooming Co 'Matte Mud' Matte Hair Clay


Detroit Grooming Co 'Matte Mud' Matte Hair Clay


Hold: Strong
Finish: Matte
Scent:  Coconut & Citrus

The 'Matte Mud' is our highly versatile grooming clay.  This easily shapable matte hair clay allows for outstanding texture and definition. It also thickens and improves control of your hair and provides you with a a dry matte finish. Our matte hair clay is scented with an invigorating aroma of natural Coconut & Citrus.

Directions:  Towel-dry your hair. Then spread a small amount of hair clay onto your palms and fingertips. Finally, slick and rock!


While oil based pomades generally allow for medium hold and hi shine, hair clays usually provide a powerfully strong hold with a low shine. Our particular matte hair clay helps control frizzy hair and makes your hair feel fuller by adding thickness & body to the different strands of your hair. In addition, it provides a light formula allowing for easy & quick absorption into your hair - without leaving any trail of residue.

Our matte hair clay is also ideal for those hairstyles that need volume without a heavier product weighing down their hairs (i.e. those that don't like the feel of pomades, gels, or wax). Finally, our hair clay is rich with beneficial antioxidants, minerals & ingredients to nourish your hair & scalp.