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Welcome to The Holy Black Trading Company, the place for innovative, small batch grooming products made specifically for men.
My name is Stefan Vincent, and I started this company in early 2013. I've always had a fascination with old-school barbers and barbershops. My grandfather and his brother were barbers in Brooklyn when they moved here from Italy, and when I was old enough to shave I inherited their old straight razors and strops. It took me a long time to learn how to hone them and use them, eventually, I amassed a serious collection of vintage barber gear and was hooked on the whole idea of wet shaving and the grooming practices of a bygone era.
The name, The Holy Black, comes from cowboy action shooting, where everyone shoots black powder guns, with the advent of smokeless powder and pyrodex, many people switched to the easier, cleaner, more modern gunpowder. The true purists though, only shoot real black powder, and if you ask them what they use in their six shooters and lever actions, their reply is invariably, "I only shoot The Holy Black." I had never heard that term, and I loved the sound of it.

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