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Flagship Streamline Texturizing Cream

Flagship Streamline Texturizing Cream

Texturizing Cream provides smooth scooping, application, and easy washout while being able to adjust hold depending on the amount applied. It verges more on the low shine/natural shine side of the spectrum. At Flagship, we usually end up leaning towards the heavier side of things. This is product is a slight deviation as it provides natural control without tug and pull sometimes associated with more texturizing/volumizing product. 

Nourishing and conditioning due to the ingredients, your hair will feel fresh and soft after wash out. 

4 oz Amber Plastic Jar


  • Cedarwood Mint (EO) - Light, woodsy, and minty. One of our longtime scent options that fits both the warm and cold months.


  • Medium/Firm - dependent on the amount applied. 


  • Natural Shine. Will adjust as much as used as well!