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Lockhart's Fire and Brimstone Hair Tonic
Lockhart's Fire and Brimstone Hair Tonic

Lockhart's Fire and Brimstone Hair Tonic

Lockhart's X Templeton Tonics Fire and Brimstone Tonic

HOLD: Light
FINISH: High Shine

SCENT: "Fire and Brimstone"

Fire and Brimstone Tonic by Lockharts Authentic and Templeton Tonics A blend of five natural oils and activated charcoal that works to break down pomade buildup, condition your hair, rejuvenate your scalp, and absorb toxins. Each oil is chosen intentionally to provide a wide range of benefits for your hair. The activated charcoal might make it look like it's straight out of hell, but it'll leave your hair feeling extra clean and manageable by stripping away the toxins and dirt. The light oils are absorbed quickly without leaving behind an oily look and feel, leaving your hair feeling soft, light, and healthy. Use a few drops before applying pomade for added slickness and shine, or at the end of your day to condition your hair and make buildup easier to deal with the next morning. It also makes a great beard oil!

We are very excited to be collaborating with a hardworking and enthusiastic artisan like Chris Templeton of Templeton Tonics. His passion shines through on everything he touches. 

Find more of his work at: www.TempletonTonics.com

Pumpkin scents are great, but men want to play with fire.
Fire and Brimstone is a representation of the scent of the underworld. A place where demons lurk and ghouls haunt. Tortured souls forever burning into oblivion. So what does it actually smell like? Think of a burning fire pit with sweet top notes of charcoal and flames. It's unique, subtle, fresh, and masculine. You'll have to try it find out.

INGREDIENTS: Jojoba, Grapeseed, Apricot Kernel, Meadowfoam Seed, Hempseed, Essential/Fragrance, and Vitamin E Oils