Mad Viking Odin's Rok Beard Balm

Mad Viking Odin's Rok Beard Balm

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Odin’s Rök Beard Balm – 2oz

[Odin’s Rök]: The smoke of Odin.  Odin’s Rök Beard Balm is a Black Cherry and Tobacco scented beard Balm that consists of Benzoin Resin, Black Cherry, and Tobacco absolute oils.  When applied, the scent begins with a bright sweet cherry which quickly fades into the perfect combination of cherry pipe tobacco.  After several hours the scent fades into a clean, smoky pipe tobacco, reminiscent of your grandfather’s favorite pipe.  One of our top sellers since it’s launch, Odin’s Rök Beard Balm delivers a fantastic combination of fragrance and performance. 

Our proprietary blend of carrier oils with the added benefits of Shea butter, Cocoa butter and beeswax along with Black Cherry and Tobacco. Odin’s Rok Beard Balm softens and moisturizes, giving your beard everything it needs to be on point. Regular use helps relieve acne, dry skin, beard dandruff, and kills the itch! Leaves your beard soft and healthy without making it greasy! 

Sweet Almond Oil (cold pressed) / Scientific Name: Prunus dulcis
Apricot Kernel Oil (cold pressed) / Scientific Name: Prunus armeniaca
Pumpkin Seed Oil (cold pressed)
Avocado Oil (cold pressed) / Scientific Name: Persea gratissima
Grapeseed Oil Organic (cold pressed) / Scientific Name: Vitis vinifera
Jojoba Oil Golden Organic (cold pressed) Scientific Name: Simmondsia chinensis
Vitamin E Oil (Alpha Tocopherol)
Shea Butter Virgin Unrefined (certified organic)
Cocoa Butter (Natural Deodorized)