Hoonigan Firme Hold Pomade

Hoonigan Firme Hold Pomade

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The next great thing. It's a fusion of gearhead’s wisdom and firme gentlemen’s swagger that has come together to formulate an amazingly unique pomade for any and every man’s hair. It comes to you complete with a brand new fragrance that will blow the doors off. What can we say? We love to collaborate with our favorite companies and especially when we can come up with something as amazing as this.

We took your favorite strong hold pomade and tuned it up a bit. By adding some different flavors we were able to change the fragrance to something unique and awesome. What you are getting is a sweet masculine scent that is powerful enough to smell great and subtle enough to not be overbearing throughout the day. It’s just right.

Directions: Slighty lubricate (dampen, not soak) your engine (hair) and apply this fine pomade evenly using your fingers. To finish styling use a comb or brush if needed. To remove simply rinse hair with water.

Fragrance Profile: Nitromethane and oil. It’s like racing fuel, sweet and powerful. To break it down a bit further it is a sweet combination of amber, patchouli and pink pepper. It lasts all day but never overpowers. Combine this one with lighter floral or sweet smelling colognes and aftershaves if you are wearing.

  • Water soluble easy-to-use formula
  • Strong hold and medium healthy shine
  • Washes out with water in just one rinse
  • Expertly designed and crafted by Hoonigan and Suavecito, Inc.
  • Net wt. 4 oz.