Triumph & Disaster - Great Head Xmas Gift Pack

Triumph & Disaster - Great Head Xmas Gift Pack

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Give the gift of Great Head this Xmas with the Great Head Xmas Gift Set. Featuring a 500ml Shampoo and 95g Ponsonby Pomade in a handy black travel bag. 

Soft notes of Mint mix with Acacia Concinna, Desert Date & Tazman Pepper to deliver a balanced, nourishing shampoo. Sulfate and Silicone free, Triumph & Disaster Shampoo is enriched with Hydrolysed Keratin & Argan oil that will leave hair and scalp cleansed, moisturized and calmed. Like a girl called Tigerlily dancing under soft light, twirling in the corner.

Sangre de cargo or 'Dragon’s Blood' is a natural tree resin that combines with Harakeke (NZ Flax oil) to treat and balance the scalp while Argan oil attacks split ends and promote healthy hair growth - in one wave of the metaphorical comb, Ponsonby Pomade is redefining the category, proving that a pomade can both style your hair while also protecting it from damage, calming the scalp with natural, active ingredients that leave both hair & scalp feeling clean and healthy. Ponsonby Pomade is a water-based, nutrient-rich product that treats the hair and scalp while you use it.