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Uppercut Deluxe are excited to announce the newest addition to their styling range, Foam Tonic which is coming soon!

Uppercut Deluxe Foam Tonic gives a light hold with a healthy shine. This hydrating mousse is the ultimate in scalp and hair care, offering protection against heat when blow drying or as a stand-alone light styling foam.

Tonics were a staple in barbershops throughout the ’40s and ’50s. Originally designed to give hair a polished look all day long. Tonics were a lighter weight and fresher feeling alternative to the heavy wax-based pomades on the market at the time.

As styles progressed and the product preferences changed, Hair Tonics were often deemed to be irrelevant and were pushed to the back of the cupboard… until recently.

Re-invented Tonics have made a resurgence and are now becoming more common on Barber stations, finding their way back into mainstream styling.

Before setting out to create a Tonic, the Uppercut Deluxe team revisited and analysed products from yesteryear maintaining elements they liked, while exploring some areas for modern improvement and innovation.

The result is a versatile lightweight liquid that, when combined with an aerating pump, produces a revolutionary Foaming Tonic, a mess-free and easy application, ensuring even distribution throughout the hair.

“Tonics are a super old school product that have always been on barber’s shelves, probably before pomades got popular” Says Steve Purcell, Uppercut Deluxe Co-Founder.

“Originally they were sold as these cure-all snake oils that would do everything from get your hair looking good to curing your crook knee.

“But then the cream rose to the top and the real classic tonic brands that focused more on the performance in different types of hair became popular and set the standard for performance and sat there for years.

“I’ve always like what Tonics do, but I hated using them in my shop. They were such a pain, they made such a big mess that it was just impractical to use. Combined with a few performance issues, I pretty much stopped using them.

“That was until we introduced our Salt Spray and it got me thinking a bit about how we could rework Tonic into something a bit more practical.

“The formula came together quite quickly, compared to some of our other projects – we found the right balance of hold, shine and glide to make something really unique in the market, but we still needed to fix the application part.

“We ended up with these foaming dispensers which are great because it gives you control of how much you are using, as well as making it tonnes easier to spread throughout the hair, it allowed for versatility for professional cutting application and also much easier for consumers to use at home.

The result is a lightweight Tonic, packaged with a unique foaming applicator, unlike anything else in the barbering industry.

The product was intentionally designed to be a multifunction product featuring a unique blend to create a Tonic that will quickly become a go to for barbers and consumers alike.

For hair and scalp health, Foam Tonic utilizes a blend of thyme, White Tea extracts, and Vitamin B6 which work together to encourage stimulation while repairing hair and promoting growth.

To protect against heat when prestyling, Quinoa Protein was added to coat the hair creating a physical barrier between the hair and heat. While the Protein ingredients protect the hair, Foam Tonics propriety lightweight hold complex is activated by the heat, diffusing to create a soft and flexible hold and foundation layer for styling

The lightweight hold complex utilized by Foam Tonic allows the product to be used in nearly any hair type for adding light control. When used for standalone styling, Foam Tonic excels in creating an effortlessly polished look

Uppercut Deluxe Foam Tonic is set to quickly become a go to in the Barbering industry with the positive reviews flowing in from everyone who has tried the product.

“Uppercut Deluxe Foam Tonic is a multifunctional product that can be used as a cutting agent, for hair health, as a pre-styler or even as a light hold product” – Ryan Smith Owner of SB Barbers (Sunderland, UK)

“Tonics have been around for years, but they were pushed to the back of the shelf in favour of 'styling' products. The Uppercut Deluxe Foam takes a nod to the tonics of yesteryear and combines it with modern ingredients to create a product that conditions and protects the hair, adding a healthy shine and a light hold” – Tim Hutton Owner of Hutto’s Barbershop (Adelaide, Australia)

“Tonic is great to use all the way through the cut - I love using it as a cutting agent to help my scissors glide through the hair and as a pre styler to help build volume and to protect the hair against heat.” Vikki Smith owner and Lead Educator of SB Barbering Academy (Sunderland, UK)

“The Uppercut Deluxe Foam Tonic is a game changer - the pumping foam makes it so much more practical to use in the shop. It's a great way to get the style shaped before finishing it off with another styling product.” Ron Talley of Electric Barbershop (Riverside, United States)


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