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If you’re still shaving your whiskers with a cartridge or modern day disposable razor it’s only because you don’t know any better. Corporate shaving companies do an amazing job marketing their products and enticing you into believing their razors are best.

Truth be told you don’t require 5 or so blades on your razor to get a close shave. Although commercials might have you thinking you do. What if I were to tell you that you could get a better shave at a lower price that uses one single blade.

You’ll only need to experience once and you’ll never return to your prior shaving methods.


Cost – Take a moment and add up what you spend on razors. Replacement cartridges cost around $20 for a package of 5 heads and require re-buying every 30 or so days if you shave regularly. By swapping to a safety razor your costs go down. You can purchase 20 blades for much cheaper and these blades last longer than you might think. Now that’s one way to put more change in your pocket!

Quality Shave – The problem with these multi-blade razors is that each blade counts as one pass over your skin. So, in one stroke you’re having 3-5 passes over your skin depending on the number of blades you have. The only thing that’s good for is increasing your chances of skin irritation. With a safety razor, you’ve got much more control over the shave and it requires fewer passes. This results in a better shave with skin that won’t be left irritated.

Environmental – By using a safety razor you’re also lowing your impact on the environment. You only need to dispose of a single blade during a changeout. With cartridge razors, you’re throwing away lots of plastic and other materials each time. Not even considering the completely disposable razors.

Easy to Use – There is a small learning curve when changing over to safety razors. However, it’s easy to learn and in my opinion, it has become easier to shave with compared to modern razors. I love the level of precision I have with my safety razor.

Tradition – Since there is a small learning curve with safety razors it becomes a skill you can pass down to your sons. It quickly can grow into a great time for bonding and a passage into adulthood. Something your son can then take and teach their sons.


If you’ve been in the wet shaving game for any amount of time you know that choosing a quality safety razor is very important. If you’re new to this experience save yourself the hassle and go with a quality razor.

This is where Rockwell Razors truly shine. They have been backed by wet shaving enthusiasts since the beginning through their Kickstarter campaigns. When wet shavers unite behind a company like Rockwell Razors you know without a doubt they’re making the best products.

If I had to place my finger on 2 key areas that I love about Rockwell Razors it would be there durability and adjustability. When you hold a razor like the Rockwell 6S in your hands you immediately can tell how durable it is.

The supreme adjustability allows you to get a shave tailored to your liking. It’s the best thing to get a close, comfortable shave – every time!

The Rockwell 6S in Stainless Steel


If you’re just now entering the world of wet shaving and safety razors it may feel a little daunting. Start off easy and pick yourself up a Rockwell Razor and some shaving cream to get going. Practice shaving at a 45-degree angle and you’ll have it mastered in no time.


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